Saturday, October 2, 2010


AADESH AADESH -Nath-Yogis meet, they greet each other with the salutation “Adesh-Adesh!” Gorakshanath the Maha Yogi wrote:Aatmetu paramaatmeti jiivatmeti vicaaraneTrayaanaam aikya-samshutir asdes’s iti kiirtitah...In our relative thought we distinguish between Atman, Paramatman, and Jiva.The Truth is that these three are one and a realization of it is called Adesha.Thus the yogi in his contact with others expressed only the simple truth in the words, “Adesh-Adesh!” It is a foundation stone on which all spiritual light and attainment must be erected. It is the first truth to attain the First Lord. aadesh aadesh


Guru Gorakhnath Just opposite Shankar Math and in the courtyard of a house, a huge rock protrude from the mountain slopes. Guru Gorakhnath TempleThis is where Guru Gorakhnath meditated and where he met his desciples. A tiny unobtrusive door ......(through which has to literally crawl) will take you inside the rock- to the Guru's cave. An image of him has been installed there, and the trustees look after the place. The prayer at this temple is conducted by the sadhus of Gorokh Panths (followers of Gorakhnath) of the "Nath Sect".

Sankaracharya who had knowledge of Shiva Shakti felt that the worship of Shiv Pooja in this cave would be ideal. So the place has been accepted to be the best for Sadhana. Guru Gorakhnath did his penance at this place . According to Atkinson the tomb was built in 1667 but according to the imprint on the copper plate lying with the pujari, it was in 1677 that the Samadhi was renovated. Presently the cave is totally abandoned and worn out and till date no remuneration activities have been done to protect the structure of archeological & Historical importance, which is a major threat to the extinction of the temple.

Gorkh Nathji