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The Sahasrara Chakra

the Sahasrara Chakra

Details of the Guru Chakra

Guru Chakra

Planes of Consciousness in the Nirvana Chakra

the Nirvana chakra

Deities in the Indu Chakra

the Indu chakra
Deities located in the Indu chakra: Parashiva (seated on a swan) and his shakti, Siddhakali

the Ajna Chakra

the Ajna Chakra
The Ajna chakra showing the two petals, the itara-linga
(the upraised conical object in the triangle), and the Pranava or Aum.

Hakini shakti in the Ajna Chakra
The Ajna chakra with Hakini shakti in the center

Deities within the Vishuddha Chakra

deities within the Vishuddha Chakra
counterclockwise from the bottom: Ambara, Sadashiva, Shakini

Deities within the Anahata Chakra

deities in the Anahata chakra
counterclockwise from the bottom: Vayu, Isha, Kakini

The Hrit Chakra showing the wish-fulfilling Tree

the Hrit chakra

Deities within the Manipura Chakra

deities in the Manipura chakra
counterclockwise from the bottom: Vahni, Rudra, Lakini

Deities within the Swadhisthana Chakra

deities in the Swadhisthana chakra
counterclockwise from the bottom: Varuna, Vishnu, Rakini

Deities within the Muladhara Chakra

deities in the Muladhara chakra countercounterclockwise from the bottom: Indra, Brahma, Dakini

the Sahasrara system

Sahasrara Chakra - showing colours
The 1000 petals of the Sahasrara, arranged in 20 layers, each containing 50 petals
and the arrangement of the petals giving (as a cross-section?) a bell-shaped appearance

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