Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nath Siddha,s adesh adesh

Whenever Yogis or Nath-Yogis meet, they greet each other with the salutation “Adesh-Adesh!” Gorakshanath the Maha Yogi wrote:

Aatmetu paramaatmeti jiivatmeti vicaarane

Trayaanaam aikya-samshutir asdes’s iti kiirtitah

In our relative thought we distinguish between Atman, Paramatman, and Jiva.

The Truth is that these three are one and a realization of it is called Adesha.

Thus the yogi in his contact with others expressed only the simple truth in the words, “Adesh-Adesh!” It is a foundation stone on which all spiritual light and attainment must be erected. It is the first truth to attain the First Lord.

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  1. Adesh!
    Great Info you've shared dear friend Yogendra Nathjee. Thank you very much.