Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alakh Niranjan

Alakh Niranjan in Yoga tradition

Alakh means A-Lakhshana which means beyond identifying features
(lakhshana) or attributes. It refers to Attributeless God or Nirguna
Brahman in here. This idea comes from ancient Yoga traditions
originating in Swetashwetara Upanishad. This particular Upanishad
deals with Yoga, Vedantic Monotheism as well as Shiva as

Legend has it, that the slogan or elating cry for the Supreme Being
was first coined by Rishi Dattatreya. He is thought of as the
initiator of the Nath Yoga Cult. The next big name that comes in Nath
Yoga tradition is Yogi Matsyendranath. Matsyendra is popularly
regarded as the 'first Guru' of Nath Yoga Cult. He first used the
words "Alakh Niranjan" to denote God as perceived by a Yoga adept in
known history. His world renouned disciple is known as Yogi
Gorakhnath, without whose mention, Nath Yoga becomes unimaginable. It
is Gorakhnath and Matsyendranath who popularised Kaya Sadhana
throughout known limits of India and beyond.

Gorakhnath actually organised and assimilated most Yogis of the Hatha
Yoga and Tantra Cult into the enormous Nath tradition. The city of
Gorakhpur in North India is named after the legendary Yogi. 'Alakh
Niranjan' became a very popular name for God all over India during and
after Gorakhnath's time.

Famous works by Guru Matsyendranath: Kaulayogini Tantra.

* Guru Gorakhnath's celebrated works are Gorakhsha Samhita, Yoga-Bija.

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