Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mystery of the Gorakshya Mantra Rahasya

1- The Gorakshya Mantra is a mysterious divine power. One can be benefited a lot by recite,chanting the Mantra. It provides a happier, peaceful and healthier life. It purifies life and leads to the divine path. The Mantra is always in action for the welfare of the entire creature in the world.

2- Inner-relation of Shabar Mantra in Gorakshya Tradition.
Shabar Mantra has very profound value in Gorakshya Tradition because Gorakshyanath is one of the very important reincarnations of lord Shiva among His 108 reincarnations and He is Himself a composer of the Shabar Mantra. Later, Maha Siddha(perfect practinoer) Matsyandranath was supposed as the composer for this all. After that,according to history, Guru Gorakshyanath, Gopinath, Manjunath………etc and Siddhanatha (perfect practioners) followed and chanted the Mantra for the welfare of all the creatures in the world. All the great personalities of that time were very impressed by the power and enchantment of the Mantra and sacrificed all their attachments to become
pure devotee of the Guru Gorakshyanath. Tulsidash, king Vartuhari, Vikramadittya,Great king Prithivinarayan Shah……etc of that time are still remembered as true devotees in this society.

3- Shabar Mantra means transcendental knowledge/power.
Guru Gorakshyanath spread this knowledge from Afghanistan to all over the Asia region. Thereafter, the other saints were also impressed a lot and gave importance to the practice of the Mantra.

Here is a one Shabar Mantra:-
Om Namo Vagabate Chintamani Hbanumana, Anga-Shula
Ati-Shula, Kati Shula, Kushi- Shula, Guda- Shula,
Mastak-Shula, Sabar-Shula Nirmulaya, Nirmulaya Kuru Kuru Swaha
- Gurupadista

Realizing the above Mantra and remembering the Monkey God (Hanuman), one must chant it 11 times Hawana (an obligation of ghee on Fire/ fire offered to God or Goddesses)for 10 times. Thus, the Mantra becomes Siddhi (perfectly enchanting). The Siddhi Mantra should be chanted to water and the water miracles into medicine and it should be given to drink to the patient of SHUL(Hyper Acidity) and there is another way that the Mantra must be chanted to a piece of lemon .The area affected by Shul, on the patient, should be touched by the same piece of the lemon. So, the patient gets relief from the pain and recovers soon. But be careful, as once used, the piece of the lemon must not be reused. At last,it should be put in the rivers or ponds. So, the life of the Saints and the Mantra Tradition have deep relationship in human life.The life of Saints cannot be completed without the Mantra. The life style of the saints(SADDHU) depends on how they practice the Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, and Jantra.

4- To talk about the enchantment of Mantra, it is a powerful knowledge which enlightens self, society and the whole universe. It gives the realization of human consciousness and brings the eternal peace in every human mind. It further eradicates the mental afflictions or problems, sickness by the evil haunted souls, devils and witches. It also helps to fulfill the wishes as someone intends. For example, Swami Shankaracharya could enter the dead body of someone else and gave them re-life. Matsyandranath disguised himself as a beetle and reached his disciple Gorakshyanath. Gorakshyanath got shocke and came to on sense immediately from his deep meditation to salute his Guru. Like this, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa also disguised himself as a woman for 6 months and male for 6 months. All the kings of that time were enchanted by the power of Mantra and became absolute devotees of Guru Gorakswhyanath.

5- The following hymn highlights the Gorakshya Mantra.

a) Wapu: Krishtwan Wadane Prasannata
Nadsphutatwa Nayane Srirmale
Arogata Windujaya; Gnideepann
Nadi Wishuddirhathayoga Lakshanm.

A person can benefit a lot from the Mantra. For example, youthfulness, a smiling face, healthy eyesight, increased digestive power, NADI SHODHAN, realization of NAD,

b) Yutha Ghrite Ghritam Chhiptan Ghritamewa Hi Jayate
Ksheeran Ksheere Tatha Yogi Tatwameba Hi Jayate.

For example, if you mix or integrate ghee into ghee, it becomes just ghee, milk to milk becomes milk nothing else. Similarly, if one practices Yoga and meditation, becomes enlightened and meets the transcendental power of god.

c) Bindu: Shiba Raja: Shakti Chandro Windu Raja Rabi
Anayo: Sangmadev Prapyate Praman Padam.

The ultimate divine point (Bindu) is Lord Shiva and the Raja (the mode of passion) is power. The integration of these both leads to Yoga Siddhi and the divine path. Lunar is the point (BIRYA) and the Hatha Yoga means the integration of lunar and sun or Jibatma and Pramatma. The integrated situation of these both is the supreme situation.

There are innumerable such Saber Mantras remaining with mystery. In fact, these conferences, seminars, gatherings etc provide a common forum to uncover the secrecy of Sabar Mantra from one by one in the time and again. This time, the conference has become a platform to me to bring a mystery of some Sabar Mantras.


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