Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Guru

This is the meditation image (dhyana) of the young female guru. Om. With eyes like fully blossoming lotus petals, firm swelling breasts, a sweetly smiling face, and a slender waist, one should meditate on the auspicious female guru, shining like the red lotus, wearing beautiful red clothes, wearing a red ring on her hand, and beautiful jewelled anklets, resembling the effulgence of a hibiscus, her feet like like a lotus, her face like the brightness of the autumn Moon, her body resplendent, with her own Natha sitting on her left, her hands [showing the mudras] granting boons and dispelling fear. Having meditated in this way, one should do puja.

Striguru Kavacha. Of this Striguru Kavacha, the Female Guru is the devata and attaining the four aims of mankind is the application Obeisance to Sadashiva on the head. Obeisance to the Female Guru in the heart. Ishvara said: Sadashiva is the rishi of this Female Guru kavacha. It is said that this devata is the fruit-giver of the four aims. [1]

Om Klim bija protect my head, the same protect my forehead. Klim bija protect my eyes and Sadashiva all my limbs. [2]

Aim bija protect my face and Hrim encompass my tongue. Shrim bija protect the region of the shoulders and Hskphrem my two arms. [3]

The letter Ha protect the area of my throat and the letter Sa the sixteen petals. Ksha must protect me below and the letter Ka my heart. [4]

The letter Va (protect my) back and the letter Ra my right side. The syllable Hum my left side and the letter Sa my spine. [5]

The letter Ha my right hand and the letter Ksha my left. The letter Ma must protect my fingers and the letter Ma must protect my nails. [6]

The letter Va protect my rear and the letter Ra my belly. The syllable Yim my feet and Hsauh protect all of my limbs. [7]

Hsauh shield the penis and the hair of the body and the head. Aim bija protect me in the East and Hrim bija shield me in the South. [8]

Shrim bija protect me in the West and Bhutasambhava in the North. Aim must protect me in the South East and Om (vedadya) in the South West. [9]

Devyamba must protect me in the North West and Shri Paduka in the North East. Pujayami must protect me above and Namah below. [10]

Om thus to you, Charming One, is declared the supremely marvellous armour. After reciting the guru mantra if one should then read the armour, one becomes a siddha, with ganas (hosts) like Shiva, clearly, there is no doubt. [11]

At puja time one should recite the armour, the very body of the mantra. It gives the fruit of puja, Sureshvari, this is true, true. Whoever recites it at the three twilights become successful, there is no doubt about this. [12]

If one should write it on bhurja (birch bark), wrapped up in a golden ball, and by showing it, for him the disputatious becomes humiliated (lit. deprived of radiance - nishprabha), [13]

in knowledge he is victorious and in war he is like Nirriti, the goddess of death, in assemblies he gains victory and is my equal, no doubt. [14]

Whosoever should recite it at the three twilights in the 1,000 petalled lotus, becomes like Siddhalokesha and attains to Nirvana. [15]

The kavacha (armour) is called the accumulation of good fortune and is supremely marvellous. To whom should it never be given nor revealed? [16]

One should give it to a peaceful pupil, otherwise it is without fruit. Never show it, Deveshi, to the undevoted or to (their?) sons. [17]

Whoever recites this kavacha without knowing the vidya, gains no fruit and afterwards goes to the Naraka (underworld). [18]

So in the Brahmayamala, in the conversation with Parvati, the Shrimad Stri Guru Kavacha is completed.

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